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How it Works

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Click Reader 2


Click Reader 2

General features

Click Read Highlight
- when Click Reader is open, it is available to all applications
- highlight any text in any application with your mouse


Click Reading play
- click on the large 'play' button to listen to the wizard read. The words in the speech bubble coincide with his spoken words.

Move the blue button

Hold down the [ctrl] on your keyboard and drag the button with your mouse.


Segment length

Once a segment is read, Click Reader 2 will pause and wait for the user's input to resume (keyboard right-arrow or left-arrow). The 'All highlighted' is selected by default, which plays the entire selected text without pausing. The following options are available:

    One Word at a time

    Two Words

    Three Words

    One Sentence

    One Paragraph

    All highlighted



Click Reading Options
- to change options, right click on the button
- select 'Speech Configuration' to change the rate of speech (any value between 50 and 250 words per minute) or the voice pitch
- select 'Change Character' to change the Wizard. Select one of two other characters.
- select 'Select Language' to choose between the available languages

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