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Click Reader 2.0

for WinXp and Vista

and now Windows 7


Italian/German version)


Free version 2 upgrades

Free English dictionary


Money back guarantee


Free 45 day trial 

Click Reader software downlaod

(Windows 7 add-on 64bit 32bit)

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$38 regular

now: $22 reduced price single computer installation

Click Reader software buy x 3


for 2 computers

Click Reader software buy x 3


for 3 computers

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for 4 computers

Click Reader software buy x 5


for 5 computers

Quick Start

- Read any text by selecting/highlighting it with your mouse

- Move the blue button by holding 'Ctrl' and drag with the mouse

- Reveal options by right clicking the blue button

- Read sentence by sentence by selecting this in 'Segment Length' in the options.

- Use keyboard arrows to navigate selected text.

- When stopped, resume by clicking the blue button.

IMPORTANT delivery and installation note:

Our Click Reader 2 software is available for download immediately after purchasing (a disk is available for an extra fee). Once Click Reader 2 is installed, it is automatically activated on the licensed computers, and security features prohibit it's installation/activation on other computers beyond the license allowance. To install it on other computers, do one of the following.

1. Forward the purchase confirmation e-mail (containing the download link) to the destined computer and download/install the software there.
2. OR, download the licensed Click Reader software to your computer and copy the file to a disk, then install it on the destined computers.

Save your disk or in case you need to reinstall it on the destined computer.