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Click Reader

Click Reader is software used to remove obstacles to reading for people with learning disabilities or dyslexia.  A wizard assists individuals by clearly reading any text that is highlighted.

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Learning benefits

- gives access to all computerized sources of text and knowledge to non-readers

- increases the joy of reading by eliminating obstacles

- improves reading skills over time by hearing and seeing words read on the page (auditory/visual imprinting)


Reading software for children with reading/learning disabilities

Ø       this software is recommended for individuals who have learned sound/symbol association and who are beginning to decode simple words

Ø       students are supervised to ensure that they are implementing decoding and comprehension reading strategies

Ø       in most cases, a student will become a more competent reader over time and the need for Click Reader will be reduced.

Reading example

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Click Reader 2.0

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How it works

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OS Requirements:

Click Reader 2: WinXP Home, WinXP pro, Vista, (Windows 7)

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