The Therapy Path

Tips on how to use Click Reader


Use it with children for web sites.               

1.      Bookmarks the sites that will be read.

2.      Provide access to those sites by organizing bookmark in folders.

    - For Internet Explorer: Go to Favorites - Organize Favorite.

      Then right click the files or folder to copy, then right click on the destination folder to paste.

      This folder will give users access to those websites.

   - For Netscape Navigator: Go to Bookmarks - Manage Bookmarks

      Then click Tools - Export and chose your destination folder. Open Bookmark in your destination folder.

      This file will give user access to those websites.


Use your computer documents. (Generate tests, assignment outlines, notes)

1.      Create your word processor document.

2.      Convert it into a web page (File – Save as – Save as type – Web page). This step is necessary to prevent the user from accidentally modifying the document.  One cannot cut, add, or delete text in a web page so its original state will be preserved.

3.      Make the file accessible to the user on a CD, hard drive, or network.


Paper and books (Please abide by the copy right laws, consult the publisher.)

1.      Scan each page in colour using an application that supports OCR (object character recognition).

2.      Apply OCR to the scanned image to convert it into editable text.

3.      Save it as a Web page.

4.      Open it in a word processor to format the text and images, and then save.

5.      Make the files accessible to the user by organizing them in folders.



      Click Reader